The year 2008 was economically very challenging with many companies going out of business.
Udo Roeloffzen, founder of INSECO Metalltechnik GmbH & Co., however saw this time as a good opportunity. INSECO was born and provided renewed opportunities for a group of colleagues, who had lost their positions due to insolvency.
Consequent restructuring and a strict and focused approach in the production processes with high quality standards and requirement profiles have convinced both customers and suppliers equally. Permanent expansion of resources in both personnel and their qualifications and our machine park are the basis of our success in the market place.
Based on changing market conditions the management and shareholders have decided to open up a new business opportunity in 2014. Since that time INSECO offers sleeve technology with an especially innovative construction.

In 2017 INSECO took over the company Pressparts B.V. and therewith continued the optimizing of the business unit "sleeve".

To assure the continuation and expansion capability INSECO became a member of the Neuenhauser Gruppe in 2018. Since then INSECO completes their portfolio.

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